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V8 Hot Laps

Top Experiences to Try in March

Autumn Experiences

Who says that when summer winds down that you also have to? With the coming of Autumn, there is still much warm-weather, exciting fun to be had!  Whether you crave the promise of a thrilling activity, or you want to give a gift to the adventurous man in your life, these incredible adrenaline-pumping experiences will leave you both breathless!

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Gift Ideas for Men With Experience

You could easily open up a whole world of Thrill Experiences for him. Whether he’s your brother, a friend, dad or your partner.  He can be a high flier, a petrol head or a thrill seeker.  Who knows, you may find that an aerobatics flight takes his breath away just as much as a drive in a powerful V8 race car.  But there are so many more experiences to choose. Continue reading “Gift Ideas for Men With Experience”

Looking For Gifts With A Touch Of Va-Va-Voom? Then Take A Look At ‘V8 Hot Laps’

Giving gifts to your friends and loved ones is supposed to be a joyous act. But very often it can become a real chore. That’s mainly because before you can buy anything you have to choose something and that it the tricky part.

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V8 Hot Laps

I have been a motorsport fan for as almost as long as I can remember. Like most things, I can trace it back to my old man’s enthusiasm for all things powerful and motorised, but it was actually my ma who was the bigger fan of motorsport and really got me hooked.

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