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5 Perfect Christmas Gifts for Him

With Christmas rapidly approaching what do you get the man who has everything? And by everything, we mean the man that is difficult to buy for because whatever you choose, never seems to hit the mark. It’s time to put away the socks and jocks and grab him something he will really enjoy.

With the following list of experiences, there’s something suitable for any man, whether it’s racing around as fast as possible, or simply falling out of the sky. We have scoured the internet for the perfect adventures and know that the following list is enough to put a great big smile on anyone’s face. Ready to see what we’ve put together for you?

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7 Tips for Reducing Christmas Waste in 2020

Christmas is one of the most popular times of the year. With families coming together to celebrate the season, a smorgasbord of foods and drinks to indulge in and the anticipation of gifts, who can argue? But with the influx of all those gifts, packages and mouths to feed, comes a dumpster-sized load of waste.

We’ve put together a list of ideas and suggestions for you to reduce the waste this Christmas and ease the burden of the downside of the festive season. So, sit back and enjoy these unique ways to improve your fun, while making positive choices for a merrier Christmas.

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5 Mother’s Day Gifts That’ll Make Her Day

Still racking your brains thinking of a Mother’s’ Day activity?

Whether you’re looking for an out of the ordinary experience or simply a relaxing day-out, here are some fantastic places to start. Continue reading “5 Mother’s Day Gifts That’ll Make Her Day”

Christmas… a time to Thrill


Gifting has an element of thrill to it. It makes us happy. It sends our hearts racing. There are mixed emotions.

If you are the gifter, you want the person to like your gift. If you are the giftee, you want the gift to be something you would like. Regardless of which side of the aisle you are on, there’s a lot going on.

You’re nervous, you’re excited. You want everything to go well.

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Christmas is… a time to Relax and Unwind


Christmas is a time to take a break from things. It is a time to sit back, relax and enjoy life. A time to unwind and loosen up. Gather around with friends and family.  Eat, drink, play and party.

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Christmas is… to fulfil dreams


Christmas is a magical time. It is a time to relax and rejoice with family and friends.

It is also a time to fly. Give wings to our most cherished dreams and soar away into the sky.

Christmas is when we do the extraordinary. It is when we step out of our everyday mundane lives, and reach for the unusual, the exciting, and the truly amazing.

Christmas is about making dreams come true. It is also about dreaming anew. It is a time when dreams of our childhood come to life. And new dreams come into bud.

Christmas is about possibilities. Christmas is to do. Christmas is about living life to the fullest. And going where few do.

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Ghost Tour Haunts of Melbourne and Victoria

Ever felt that tingling feeling down the spine? The cool air and the slightest suggestion of a ghoul in the room.

It’s enough to send most people packing.

But there are those of us that thrive on the search for ghosts and the excitement it creates.

In the spookiest places of Melbourne and Victoria, you can join this select club of ghost hunters.

From Pentridge Prison, Aradale Asylum to Geelong Gaol and the Princess Theatre there are ghouls abound. Continue reading “Ghost Tour Haunts of Melbourne and Victoria”

How the Big Stores and Brands Steal your Mind (Part I)

Lured by images of food lately?  Tempted to buy that chocolate bar?

Your subconscious is leading you that way.

You may not realise it but the marketers of the world are playing with your mind. All for the sake of making a profit from you.

It’s the art of consumer psychology and its kinda genius.

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4 Last Minute Gifts that Mum will Love

Working out what to get Mum on Mother’s Day takes a ton of thinking. And it’s so easy with today’s lifestyle to leave the gift buying to the last minute.

There are a huge number of things that Mum could have but it’s never an easy undertaking.

And you’ll always be wondering, “Did I get it right?” Continue reading “4 Last Minute Gifts that Mum will Love”

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