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5 of the Best Experiences to Try in March

When it comes to fun Down Under, March has got to be one of the most popular months on the calendar. With near-perfect temperatures and the kind of clear skies many call picture-perfect, it’s time for you to get outside and hit the adventure trail hard. With so much on offer across the country, you could be forgiven for finding too many options available. But really, who are you kidding? It just means you might need to start planning ahead for more experiences in the great outdoors.

The following list of great outdoor adventures is the perfect start to planning your next experiences. There’s something for everyone, giving you the flexibility to enjoy activities by yourself, with a friend, or even with the whole family.

Enjoy a Kayaking Adventure in the Sun

Keen to escape the rat race of the big city and experience the kind of fun in the sun that whisks you away from reality? Then here’s the Perfect Kayaking Adventure on the beautiful Canning River. Located just 30 minutes from Perth’s CBD, this experience will bring you back to nature, offering an abundance of wildlife, tranquil atmosphere and the best river experience around.

Find Your Fun Under the Water

Perhaps you prefer your fun under the water than on top of it. With this incredible underwater adventure in the heart of the ever-popular Gold Coast, it’s time for you to experience an underwater adventure like never before. Perfect for beginners, this Introductory Scuba Diving will have you swimming with the most wondrous sea creatures, while in the safe hands of fully-qualified instructors.

A Beach Ride with a New Friend

Maybe you prefer to stay out of the water and simply wander along the beautiful beaches this amazing country has in abundance. Then get ready to meet a new friend, as you indulge in some epic Horse Riding on the Beach. Once you saddle up and climb aboard these majestic animals, discover the ride of your life in the best way possible. There’s nothing like a sunset walk along the beautiful Warrnambool foreshore atop a beautiful creature.

Up, Up and Away

If you have never experienced the unmatched serenity of a Hot Air Balloon Flight Over Melbourne, then prepare for a real treat. Guaranteed to be the best seat in the house, there’s nothing quite like the tranquil ascent, as you float on air in complete silence and marvel at the unrivalled views. But why limit yourself to just Melbourne? There’s also balloon flights across Australia, all just waiting for you come and experience them one at a time.

Indulge in a Capital Way

Fancy a day out in the nation’s capital? Then a Full-Day Brewery Tour in Canberra is the perfect way to indulge all of your senses on an epic culinary journey through the heart of brewing country. These are six hours of all-inclusive brewery tours, including lunch and all the trimmings you can handle. Sample some of the finest craft beers from the region and live out any beer-lover’s ultimate dream.

5 Experience Trends to Watch Out for in 2020

Adventure tourism is fast gaining traction – and with good reason. As adventure seekers, we are no longer satisfied with just travelling to a new place – we want to be WOWED. We want to feel alive with new experiences. And do it in a way that says, “I am no longer afraid.”

A new decade is upon us and with it a new dedication to seek out the best of what Australia has to offer. Thes`e experiences will open your eyes in ways that simple destinations never will. Dare to explore…

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Christmas is… a time to Relax and Unwind


Christmas is a time to take a break from things. It is a time to sit back, relax and enjoy life. A time to unwind and loosen up. Gather around with friends and family.  Eat, drink, play and party.

Christmas is a time to do your own thing.   Continue reading “Christmas is… a time to Relax and Unwind”

Why We Love Adventure (and You Should Too!)

Adventure sports are more than just sports. They define who we are, what we like and what we hunger after. They tell us a lot about our personalities and what drives us.

Not for everyone, swimming with sharks! Nor leaping off cliffs for the thrill of paragliding! It takes a special set of skills to defy death like that, to test one’s limits. Continue reading “Why We Love Adventure (and You Should Too!)”

Where to Enjoy an Adventure Off the Beaten Track (But Close to Sydney)?


These days, there is an enormous amount of experiences you can enjoy.

In 2006, when we started Thrill Experiences (then Gifts That Thrill), we had less than 100 experiences and that was the norm.

That figure has now climbed to over 3000, of which we regularly list 1000 on the Thrill Experiences website.

There a lot of decisions to make and noise to sift through when choosing which ones to list.  Which will make the grade?  Continue reading “Where to Enjoy an Adventure Off the Beaten Track (But Close to Sydney)?”

8 Absolutely Thrilling Activities to Try Now That the Kids are Back at School


Of course we love them, but we also love that feeling of relief when the kids are officially back in school.

Take advantage of the warm weather and summer sun before they’re gone and get outside and try one of these absolutely thrilling adventures.  Don’t worry, we won’t tell the kids what you’re up to.

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The Ultimate Guide to School Holiday Activities for Kids in Victoria

School holidays are either here or just around the corner for the majority of Australia’s school children.

Time to run for the hills?

We hear you.

Two weeks is a long time to keep the kids entertained.

So, what can you do to avoid those dulcet words of ‘I’m bored’ or as our little one once said perched in the back seat of the car, ‘I’m bored…  Bored.  Bored. Bored.’

Fortunately Australia packs enough activities suitable for all budgets and they extend far beyond the cities.

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7 Activities to Welcome in Spring

Spring is here.  The birds are chirping, the trees are coming into leaf, the weather warming.

Spring is a time where we can put the cold winter days behind us.  A time of renewal, to begin afresh.  A time to release yourself from the home that’s kept you warm through winter.

Make Spring a time to embrace the outdoors and indulge the senses with some welcome activities and exciting adventures. 

We’ve searched high and low and drawn up a list of 7 of the most popular activities that will colour your Spring, help shed the Winter coat and immerse you in fun, fun, fun.  Continue reading “7 Activities to Welcome in Spring”

Adventure Outdoors

Recall the last Nature Rx post?

Well we think you may like the follow up – discover your dose of Nature RX Part 2.

Time to venture out to the great outdoors?  Here are some thought starters



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