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Recall the last Nature Rx post?

Well we think you may like the follow up – discover your dose of Nature RX Part 2.

Time to venture out to the great outdoors?  Here are some thought starters



Achieve Your 2016 Resolutions with Experiences

The holidays came and went so quick but hey, there’s work to do.

You may have lived in excess for a while and now it’s come back to bite you. We know the feeling. Exhausted, a belly that’s rounder, a larger credit card bill lingering. Continue reading “Achieve Your 2016 Resolutions with Experiences”

Selfies Responsible for More Deaths than Sharks

Only recently a 66 year old Japanese tourist died after attempting a selfie at India’s Taj Mahal. In the US a woman died in a head on collision whilst attempting to take and post a selfie onto Facebook. Continue reading “Selfies Responsible for More Deaths than Sharks”

Learn Why Experiences are More Important to People than Things

Has our need for the materialistic run its sorry end? Are we wanting more out of life than ‘things’ that only serve to demonstrate something about the ‘me’ right at this minute?

In this article, I’m going to share insights into achieving a sustained sense of well-being. According to much of the research available today, experiences create far more happiness than material ‘things’, so why buy more ‘things’? Continue reading “Learn Why Experiences are More Important to People than Things”

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