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Gift Ideas for Men With Experience

You could easily open up a whole world of Thrill Experiences for him. Whether he’s your brother, a friend, dad or your partner.  He can be a high flier, a petrol head or a thrill seeker.  Who knows, you may find that an aerobatics flight takes his breath away just as much as a drive in a powerful V8 race car.  But there are so many more experiences to choose. Continue reading “Gift Ideas for Men With Experience”

4 of the Best Australian Flying Adventures

For a continent as vast, diverse and unique as Australia, air tours are the best way to discover its natural beauty.  A plane can fly you out to distant places cut-off from civilization.  It goes where no roads go, where no rails reach, and where no ships sail.

No matter how impenetrable the terrain, or choppy the waters, an aircraft can always offer a view. And often, it’s the best view you can get.

Today, we introduce you to some of the top flying adventures you can enjoy in Australia.

Continue reading “4 of the Best Australian Flying Adventures”

Aerobatic Flights

 Historical airplane with pilot and mechanics.
Historical airplane with pilot and mechanics.

For the history on aerobatics you only have to turn to Lincoln Beachey who is widely recognised as the “father” of aerobatic flying. This is despite his brave feats at first being dismissed by Orville Wright as “optical illusions”. Continue reading “Aerobatic Flights”

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