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5 of the Best Experiences to Try in March

When it comes to fun Down Under, March has got to be one of the most popular months on the calendar. With near-perfect temperatures and the kind of clear skies many call picture-perfect, it’s time for you to get outside and hit the adventure trail hard. With so much on offer across the country, you could be forgiven for finding too many options available. But really, who are you kidding? It just means you might need to start planning ahead for more experiences in the great outdoors.

The following list of great outdoor adventures is the perfect start to planning your next experiences. There’s something for everyone, giving you the flexibility to enjoy activities by yourself, with a friend, or even with the whole family.

Enjoy a Kayaking Adventure in the Sun

Keen to escape the rat race of the big city and experience the kind of fun in the sun that whisks you away from reality? Then here’s the Perfect Kayaking Adventure on the beautiful Canning River. Located just 30 minutes from Perth’s CBD, this experience will bring you back to nature, offering an abundance of wildlife, tranquil atmosphere and the best river experience around.

Find Your Fun Under the Water

Perhaps you prefer your fun under the water than on top of it. With this incredible underwater adventure in the heart of the ever-popular Gold Coast, it’s time for you to experience an underwater adventure like never before. Perfect for beginners, this Introductory Scuba Diving will have you swimming with the most wondrous sea creatures, while in the safe hands of fully-qualified instructors.

A Beach Ride with a New Friend

Maybe you prefer to stay out of the water and simply wander along the beautiful beaches this amazing country has in abundance. Then get ready to meet a new friend, as you indulge in some epic Horse Riding on the Beach. Once you saddle up and climb aboard these majestic animals, discover the ride of your life in the best way possible. There’s nothing like a sunset walk along the beautiful Warrnambool foreshore atop a beautiful creature.

Up, Up and Away

If you have never experienced the unmatched serenity of a Hot Air Balloon Flight Over Melbourne, then prepare for a real treat. Guaranteed to be the best seat in the house, there’s nothing quite like the tranquil ascent, as you float on air in complete silence and marvel at the unrivalled views. But why limit yourself to just Melbourne? There’s also balloon flights across Australia, all just waiting for you come and experience them one at a time.

Indulge in a Capital Way

Fancy a day out in the nation’s capital? Then a Full-Day Brewery Tour in Canberra is the perfect way to indulge all of your senses on an epic culinary journey through the heart of brewing country. These are six hours of all-inclusive brewery tours, including lunch and all the trimmings you can handle. Sample some of the finest craft beers from the region and live out any beer-lover’s ultimate dream.

5 Top Experiences to Share in December

Adventures are so much more fun when shared with other people. Getting amongst the crowd is one of the best ways to experience the thrilling atmosphere when throwing yourself into the fun and exhilaration of endless activities, much like those listed below.

December is known for being one of the most active in a lot of people’s calendar and for that reason, we’ve selected some of the most thrilling and exciting things for you to try while getting amongst others who want to share the ride.

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5 Perfect Christmas Gifts for Him

With Christmas rapidly approaching what do you get the man who has everything? And by everything, we mean the man that is difficult to buy for because whatever you choose, never seems to hit the mark. It’s time to put away the socks and jocks and grab him something he will really enjoy.

With the following list of experiences, there’s something suitable for any man, whether it’s racing around as fast as possible, or simply falling out of the sky. We have scoured the internet for the perfect adventures and know that the following list is enough to put a great big smile on anyone’s face. Ready to see what we’ve put together for you?

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4 Experiences for the Most Exciting Summer of Your Life

2020 has been tough.

With Covid-19 turning our lives upside down, the grim reality of life with this new disease wasn’t easy. But with the numbers falling and an exciting new Summer before us, there has never been a better time than to experience the thrills and excitement of this new world.

We’ve scoured the country for some of the most thrilling and awe-inspiring activities to make this one of the best Summer’s of your life.

There’s something here for everyone, guaranteed to get you back outdoors and into the beautiful sunshine that our country is so famous for.

So, what will you choose?

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Christmas Guide for Car Lovers

Christmas really is the most wonderful time of the year. Surrounded by friends, family, the great company is just the beginning when it comes to the endless celebrations. With the boundless experiences on offer, you could be forgiven for your hesitation when trying to select the perfect experience for that car lover in your life.

After meticulously sorting through all the possible adrenalin-fuelled activities on four wheels, here’s the perfect guide to make this Christmas one of the most special ever. With cars that drive fast, on-road, off-road, luxury cars, those with slicks and those with treads, these are the definitive driving experiences ever.

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7 Tips for Reducing Christmas Waste in 2020

Christmas is one of the most popular times of the year. With families coming together to celebrate the season, a smorgasbord of foods and drinks to indulge in and the anticipation of gifts, who can argue? But with the influx of all those gifts, packages and mouths to feed, comes a dumpster-sized load of waste.

We’ve put together a list of ideas and suggestions for you to reduce the waste this Christmas and ease the burden of the downside of the festive season. So, sit back and enjoy these unique ways to improve your fun, while making positive choices for a merrier Christmas.

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5 Thrilling Activities to Try Now After Lockdown

Bet you never thought that it would finally happen and yet, here we are, the door wide open for us to resume a somewhat everyday life again. With the lockdown behind us and the best part of the year approaching, sink your teeth into this treasure trove of activities. So, whether it’s high-octane action on a racetrack or the epic adrenaline-charge of skydiving, prepare for a smorgasbord of adventure.

 The next 5 experiences perfectly suit any post-lockdown appetite, regardless of your hunger. With the beautiful sunshine and an open road for you to map your journey, let’s check out some of the epic activities for you to feast on in Victoria.

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5 Perfect Christmas Gifts for Celebrating Family Time

Christmas is, without a doubt, one of the best times of the year.

From the excitement of catching up with family and friends to the endless smorgasbord of delicious food and treats, it’s an infinite procession of wonderful family time.

With a country as diverse as Australia, here is the perfect way to extend that Christmas cheer and excitement with 5 of the most family-friendly activities around.

With this selection to choose from, imagine how thrilled your family will be when they find out what you’ve planned for them.

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Top Experiences to Try in March

Autumn Experiences

Who says that when summer winds down that you also have to? With the coming of Autumn, there is still much warm-weather, exciting fun to be had!  Whether you crave the promise of a thrilling activity, or you want to give a gift to the adventurous man in your life, these incredible adrenaline-pumping experiences will leave you both breathless!

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