It’s finally happening, and Australians are rejoicing, preparing to come out from a long year of lockdowns and Covid stress.

With Christmas fast approaching and the ever-increasing rate of vaccinations now allowing us to resume our relatively everyday lives, it’s time to start preparing for a summer of fun and excitement with an ultimate list of gifts.

So, are you ready to get back into the world of fast-paced excitement and adrenaline-fuelled adventure with the best gifts available anywhere? Or would you prefer to learn new skills, take to the sky, or kick back and relax somewhere new? Then let’s check a few out.

A Christmas Gift that comes with Adrenaline

Imagine cruising down one of the most famous straights in the world of supercar racing, with an exciting V8 Driving Experience on Mount Panorama itself. That’s right; a supercar driving experience on the very same track that such legendary names as Peter Brock, Mark Skaiffe, and Craig Loundes made their mark.

Bathurst is where legends were made, and the iconic race created a cult following of biblical proportions. Are you ready to take the wheel and write your legend? Then make this Christmas a V8 fun-filled experience to remember.

Celebrate Christmas amongst the Clouds

Imagine a Christmas without Covid and having the best of experiences to give. Start the day with a timeless classic. A Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Ride guaranteed to tick every possible box you could imagine.

With the thrill of an airborne adventure, the serenity of the best sightseeing tour available, all combined with a real sense of adventure, hot air ballooning in Australia will take to new heights of sheer bliss and exhilaration. And the best part is you can book these experiences right now all across the country.

Take Your Christmas Back in Time with a Bi-plane

Why stick to modern classics when certain experiences are guaranteed to transport you back in time to an era where classic also meant class and grace? Known for being the true lady of the skies, a Flight in a Vintage Tiger Moth is guaranteed to leave the stress and worries of Covid far behind, transporting you back into a time of pure class and sophistication.

Nothing compares with the grace and serenity of these timeless classics, and Tiger Moths all across the country are ready and waiting to welcome you back to the great outdoors.

Capture Christmas with a Photography Course

It’s time to refine your photography skills and learn exciting new opportunities with a fantastic new Photography Course for Beginners and Experienced photographers alike. It’s time to blow the dust from your DSLR, break out the mobile phone camera, or perhaps try your hands on an entirely new option.

With so many incredible locations around the country to choose from, there has never been a better time to reacquaint yourself with your passion for photography and get back to snapping this Christmas.

Get Kayaking for a Christmas Rush

The great outdoors has missed you and is keen to get you back to nature. So with a Christmas Kayaking Gift Package just waiting to bring you back out into the wild waters, why not leave Covid far behind and destress with one of the most popular water activities in the world?

They don’t call it a kayaking adventure for anything, and once you leave the shore and start swinging that paddle into the white waters, your inner adventurer is sure to get lost in the fun of it all.

Top Off Your Christmas with the ultimate Cooking Class

Food will always bring a family together, and with Christmas lunch out of the way, it’s time to finally expand your horizons and travel the culinary world far and wide for the next delicious meal with a fantastic Cooking Class.

Imagine learning the tempting flavours of the far east, Africa, South America and other exotic locations, places you’ve been unable to visit during these crazy times. But with vaccination rates leading to an unlocked Christmas, why not bring those exciting locations right back into your kitchen with these great classes.

Christmas with Covid is Here at last

It’s time to leave the lockdowns behind and rediscover all that you have been missing out on.

The great outdoors has been patiently waiting for your return and is filled with all manner of excitement, thrills, and experiences.

It’s time to unleash your inner thrill demon, let go of the lockdown blues and get back to living life the way you were meant to.

Christmas is the perfect time for sharing, and these are the excellent experiences to share with them.