Whether it’s the wind in your hair, the g-forces throwing your body around, or the sheer sense of speed, there has never been a better time to broaden your horizons with an adrenaline-fuelled experience than right now. With a vast number of choices for you to fill your warrior itinerary right now, why wait to hit the thrill-o-meter red line?

It’s time to take the ultimate plunge.

It’s all about the rumble with a V8 experience

There is nothing comparable to climbing behind the wheel of a rumbling V8 Supercar that has your name written all over it. Imagine bringing your inner speed freak to the track, suiting up for the adventure of a lifetime and being handed the controls to hundreds of horsepower.

V8 experiences at Bathurst

Whether it’s an Eastern Creek V8 Experience you need or the home of Supercars in this country with a Mount Panorama Supercar Drive, nothing will max out your adrenaline meter faster than this adventure. But why stop there when you could also enjoy a V8 experience in Melbourne, Norwell, Neerabup, or even the mighty Willowbank?

Take it off-road with a rally experience

True weekend warriors don’t want to be stuck on the tarmac, and we have just the place for you to experience high-octane action that will also leave dust storms in your wake.

Rally Driving for an off-road experience gift

Imagine climbing behind the wheel of an iconic Subaru WRX or the equally mesmerizing Mitsubishi Lancer. These are the ultimate off-roading adventure vehicles you could ever hope to drive.

From Rally Driving in Bacchus Marsh or Driving a WRX in Ipswich, these cross-country behemoths are waiting for you right across the country, so get set to fishtail, slide and spin your way to the ultimate adrenaline-fuelled excitement.

Go next level with Stunt Driving experiences

Why stick to the same old driving experiences when you could jazz things up and take your adventuring all the way to Hollywood?

Get ready to replay some of the wildest stunts seen on TV and learn how to perform them directly from the experts. With genuine hints and tips to help you along the way, there’s everything from jumps to crazy 360s, as well as jumps and drifting to whet your appetite. Isn’t it time you released your inner weekend warrior with a genuine stunt driving experience?

Take to the skies with a jet fighter experience

When you thought you hit all the adrenaline-charged possibilities available, along comes the ultimate top gun experience for you to enjoy.

Fighter jet for adrenaline-charged fun

Just imagine suiting up for a Real-life Jet Fighter Mission Experience and climbing into a warbird that’s guaranteed to hit maximum velocity. Reaching terminal velocity with all the g-forces you can handle, a jet fighter experience is one of the most insane weekend warrior experiences anywhere.

Think you have the stomach to conquer one of these insane flights?

Go old-school with a Tiger Moth adventure

If jet fighters aren’t your thing, but you still need to get your aviator suit on, then why not take your inner adventurer back in time for a classic old-school flying experience?

Imagine climbing into one of the most recognizable queens of the sky with a Tiger Moth Flying Experience you have to try for yourself. Gracefully taking to the skies, these ladies of old will have you experiencing a timeless experience that can only be described as pure exhilaration. Whether it’s high over the beautiful coastline of Point Cook or high over the beautiful Yarra Valley, these ladies of the skies will have you dreaming of a bygone era.

Slow things down with a helicopter sightseeing tour

If warbirds and jet fighters are too fast for your taste, there’s always the option to slow things down and combine the thrill of an aerial adventure with the timeless spectacle of a good sightseeing tour.

helicopter flights covering Sydney Harbour, the Melbourne skyline and the Gold Coast vistas
Helicopter doors off ride adventure travel Asian woman tourist happy looking at landscape of volcanic eruption above volcano fumes in Big Island, Hawaii.

A Helicopter Flight Experience combines the best of both worlds, giving you one of the best views possible, with the thrill of a seat amongst the clouds. Imagine climbing aboard your very own helicopter and taking off to gaze at the wonders of the iconic Sydney Harbour, the beautiful Melbourne skyline, or viewing the playground beaches of the Gold Coast.

Start preparing for the ultimate weekend warrior adventure today

With multiple options for you to choose from, whether it’s high in the sky, or screaming down the straight of the nearest racetrack, the weekend warrior inside you will be more than satisfied with these adventurous experiences.

Of course, the hardest part is whether you want to stick to the track, head off-road, or take off entirely and head for the skies. But then again, why choose at all?