If there’s one person who makes sure life runs as smooth as possible, it’s Mum, and we have found the perfect way to say thanks to the Mum in your life. Perfumes, flowers and chocolates no longer cut it, and these 6 ultimate Mother’s Day experiences will have your Mum glowing from head to toe when she receives any of these. But why stick to just one when you could make her entire year with a range of exclusive Mum-worthy adventures?

Mum’s Magical Massage

Mums and massage go together like salt and pepper, tea and coffee and maybe even flowers and chocolates. But this is no ordinary massage because, with this package, you ensure your Mum receives a one-hour, battery-recharging, indulgent-loaded massage every single month for a whole year. And you will be guaranteed to be Mum’s favourite person on the planet throughout that time. Massage at Home for a whole year? Now you’re talking.

Lifestyle Enhancements for Mum

Perhaps your Mum leads a busy lifestyle, and you want nothing more than to show your appreciation by giving her a chance to slow down, relax and unwind the best way possible.

With 60 acres of soothing and de-stressing bushland to experience, this yoga and meditation experience is perfectly suited to bring Mum back to earth, balance her inner chakra and indulge in an ancient form of balance and meditation. This Yoga and Spa experience is the best gift for a busy Mum.

She’ll Dance for Joy

No matter the time of year, the time of day or the time of her life, dancing will always be one of the perfect past-times for any Mum.

Considered one of the best forms of exercise, dancing is also incredibly fun, whilst also providing hours o entertainment. With numerous dance styles to choose from, this unlimited all-access pass is perfect for Mum wanting to learn the steps in a comfortable and supportive environment. Let Mum Learn to Dance, with this epic gift for Mother’s Day.

Travel in Luxury for a Whole day

Sometimes, Mums need to get away from it all and indulge in a day that’s all about fine scenery, fine foods and fine wines.

With an Exclusive Full Day Clare Valley Tour for her to enjoy, Mum will be spoilt like never before, exploring regional foods and wine to tantalize her taste buds. Exploring both award-winning estates as well as small boutique wineries, it’s the ultimate indulgence package.

A Cooking Class to Delight the Senses

How about a gift that keeps on giving, not only to your Mum, but also back to you? Imagine the incredible meals your Mum will create once she enjoys this exclusive Modern Thai Fusion Cooking Class, that’s designed to share the secrets of this extraordinary cuisine. Filled with hints, tips and age-old secrets, all passed on by highly trained chefs that are masters of this ancient cuisine, in a fun-filled and informative atmosphere.

When All Else Fails, Burn Rubber

Not every Mum is going to want flowers and perfume, or cooking classes and massages. Some just want to let their hair down, climb into a race-bred V8 and burn rubber down Sandown Raceway, with an All-inclusive V8 Racing Experience. Watch Mum tear down the straight at more than 200kph, roaring past with her foot planted flat to the floor. With a choice of a Falcon or Commodore, this will be the ultimate celebration of Mums and Speed, with an epic V8 experience.