April may sound like the month of Easter (most years), but there’s another event that’s huge for families. It’s the April school holidays and parents the country over seek out some of the best family adventures to help them through this awesome time of year. With two full weeks to keep your thrill seekers occupied, here’s 6 Family Adventures you need to experience these holidays.

Conquer Sydney Harbour with Speed

There’s nothing like feeling the wind in your hair, followed by a wave smashing into your face with the velocity to pin you against the seat that

feels like it’s twisting and turning beneath you. This is Jet Boating on Sydney Harbour and will deliver high-octane thrills for any adrenaline junkies you might be harbouring in your home. It’s the fastest way to see this world-famous tourist attraction, while strapped in for the ride of your life.

Skydiving Madness Indoors

Get your team together and prepare for the ultimate freefall action without ever leaving the ground. Whilst actual skydiving may not be practical right now, there is another way to experience the insane thrills with your family. Indoor Skydiving on the Gold Coast could prove to be the showstopping event of the year, with awesome family packages available at iFly, giving you and your friends and family the pinnacle of adrenaline-packed fun.

Zip-line Thrills Across the Forest

What do you get if you cross the unbelievable thrills of zip-lining, with the epic sights of the Great Ocean Road? One of the most action-packed sight-seeing tours on the planet. Experience the amazing views of this hot-spot tourist attraction, while dangling 30 metres in the air, suspended from a zip line that will see you hurtling across the forest canopy of the Otway Ranges. When it comes to thrills and views, nothing else comes close and it’s suitable for just about anyone. Book in for this Otway Zipline Tour today.

Roll Your Way Down a Mountain

Fancy strapping yourself into an 11-foot-high inflatable ball and then riding it all the way down

to the bottom of a hill? Welcome to the world of globe riding, or Zorbing, as it’s also known. It’s everything you could imagine and more, giving you the ultimate thrill ride, while free-rolling your way to sheer exhilaration. Suitable for every member of your family, this is the ultimate April event, perfect for a school holiday activity with punch. Give Globe Riding in the Otways a try these April holidays. 

Dolphin Encounter with a Difference

Step away from civilization and head off on a boating experience with a difference, as you experience one of the ocean’s most playful creatures in their own habitat. This is nature’s very

own theme park, as you embark on a mission to discover school of playful dolphins amongst Rockingham’s many inlets and bays. Snorkel with these amazing creatures in a Swim with Dolphins experience that is the ultimate in water activities.

Ride Your Way Through the Wilderness

With your helmet, gloves and bike provided, get set to journey through the spectacular scenery of Mount Lofty, as you ride your way straight dow

n the exhilarating 700-metre slopes. With a chance to encounter some incredible wildlife at the Cleland Wildlife Park, this biking adventure has it all. Including a fully-qualified guide, all the equipment you need, this family-friendly adventure is just a stone’s throw from the heart of Adelaide. The Downhill Biking and Wildlife Encounter is suitable for the whole family and the perfect way to spend a day together.