Adventures are so much more fun when shared with other people. Getting amongst the crowd is one of the best ways to experience the thrilling atmosphere when throwing yourself into the fun and exhilaration of endless activities, much like those listed below.

December is known for being one of the most active in a lot of people’s calendar and for that reason, we’ve selected some of the most thrilling and exciting things for you to try while getting amongst others who want to share the ride.

Get Amongst the Clouds

A Hot Air Balloon Flight has got to be one of the best ways to experience a gorgeous sunrise, and it is guaranteed to thrill those that share your basket. Words can not describe the peacefulness of hanging suspended thousands of feet in the air, as you witness one of nature’s true marvels.

The views from that high up will leave you breathless, with iconic scenery that looks like the most beautiful painting ever imagined. The traditional champagne breakfast is also included, to ensure you share a toast to the thrill with your fellow riders.

A Masterclass of Deliciousness

Take your next BBQ to a whole new level of sophistication with this Meat BBQ Cooking Class that’s guaranteed to turn you into a grilling master chef. With an abundance of recipes and flavours for you and your classmates to explore, this is the only way to experiment with tasty ingredients.

Let expert chefs take you on a hands-on demonstration of culinary delights that will have you drooling for more. With plenty of BBQ myths and tips to keep you busy, this is the ultimate demonstration of the world-class flavours you are capable of.

Combat Action and Adventure

If you need to get out and hunt your friends, rather than unwind with them, maybe this Paintballing Team Adventure is more to your liking. With the only 5-star rated paintballing facility in the country, this is one destination where mixing it up with your mates takes on a whole new meaning.

There’s a choice of Hollywood-themed courses, the proper safety gear and all the combat rig to make this the perfect outing with your mates. Using the latest weaponry available, get ready to blow the others away and come out the victor.

Cruising for Dolphins

If an adventure on the high seas is more to your liking, how about searching for one of the ocean’s most friendly sea creatures with a Family Dolphin Cruise. With an abundance of marine life for you to discover, get ready for plenty of photo opportunities.

But cruising isn’t the only way to see these magnificent creatures, with you and your gang hitting the water for a snorkelling adventure to boot. With the crystal-clear waters as your playground, the sights that await you can only be described as out of this world.

Hunting the Paranormal Afterlife

When the normal everyday life isn’t up to par, how about something from the beyond? With an Exclusive Paranormal Lockdown Experience in one of the country’s longest operating jails, this is where excitement hits the ultimate peak.

With you, your friends and a group of highly-enthusiastic ghost hunters by your side, get set to conduct a lengthy paranormal survey that’s guaranteed to raise more than your adrenalin level. This tour is definitely not for those with a faint heart, so make sure you bring your paranormal-hunting a-game and get set to communicate with the spirits.

What Will You Choose?

There are so many experiences available for you to choose from and getting amongst family, friends and other like-minded people has never been easier. The hardest part will be choosing which of these activities to do first.