Christmas really is the most wonderful time of the year. Surrounded by friends, family, the great company is just the beginning when it comes to the endless celebrations. With the boundless experiences on offer, you could be forgiven for your hesitation when trying to select the perfect experience for that car lover in your life.

After meticulously sorting through all the possible adrenalin-fuelled activities on four wheels, here’s the perfect guide to make this Christmas one of the most special ever. With cars that drive fast, on-road, off-road, luxury cars, those with slicks and those with treads, these are the definitive driving experiences ever.

It’s All About the Grunt

When it comes to driving fast, there’s nothing quite like the rumble of a throaty V8 engine. With raw power to boot, this is the best way to experience all the thrills and action of real V8 Supercars. With a choice of models, locations and hot laps to suit any budget, get set for the ultimate in speed machines.

Will it be a Holden, or a Ford, to unleash your inner speed demon? Or maybe you would prefer to take your V8 off-road in a buggy adventure like no other. Whichever you choose, get set for the fuel-injected time of your life with V8 Drives and Hot Laps.

The High Road to Luxury

Perhaps you’d prefer something a little less trackside and something more refined for an open road adventure with a certain touch of class. With a line-up including such impressive names as Lamborghini, Ferrari, Lotus and Porsche, there’s nothing left to the imagination when you climb into these ultimate dream machines.

A European Sports Cars Experience is guaranteed to bring you up close and personal with the titans of motor vehicle hierarchy; giving you unparalleled access to every inch of these icons. The hardest decision is which to choose.

Can’t Go Past Classics

Perhaps it’s the machines of days gone past that are more to your liking. Well, don’t despair, as we have the ultimate line-up of pure classics that exude refinement on every level. With such notable names as Mustang, Jaguar, MG and Corvette, this is where the fun is.

Grab the wheel of Classic American and British Cars for the definitive road-tripping adventure. Experience the reasons why these cars bring such incredible joy to those who keep them, their popularity continuing on through the decades.

Make the Dust Fly

Maybe getting off the open road and onto the dirt is more your style, leaving dust clouds in your wake for the ultimate rush. Then we have the perfect Rally Driving Experiences to get your adrenalin pumping, with the best rally champions awaiting you.

With names like Subaru, Mitsubishi and Mazda to whet your appetite, these are some of the most exciting laps to unleash your inner rally driver. Drift, spin and slide your way to pure rallying bliss and leave the others eating dust.

The Fastest Track Experience

If playing on a racing track is where you really want to be, then get as close to the ground as possible, with the awe-inspiring Formula Ford Experiences. These are the real deal, set up to racing standards so you experience the rush of sheer speed.

Feel the insane g-forces these cars are capable of and imagine yourself racing for glory. With an open track before you and a screaming engine behind you, the only thing missing is the racing driver inside you. Just how fast will you manage to lap this circuit?