Christmas is one of the most popular times of the year. With families coming together to celebrate the season, a smorgasbord of foods and drinks to indulge in and the anticipation of gifts, who can argue? But with the influx of all those gifts, packages and mouths to feed, comes a dumpster-sized load of waste.

We’ve put together a list of ideas and suggestions for you to reduce the waste this Christmas and ease the burden of the downside of the festive season. So, sit back and enjoy these unique ways to improve your fun, while making positive choices for a merrier Christmas.

Tip 1: Eliminate the Wrapping Paper

The larger the gift you give, the more wrapping paper you use. It’s a given and one that is unavoidable, unless you try and utilize alternatives.

Preparing a zero waste Christmas gift. Plastic free holidays.

By giving smaller gifts, you effectively reduce the amount of paper needed. By buying gift cards and experiences, you reduce the need for gift wrapping completely.

Some shops offer reusable metal gift card holders, while others use a simple envelope. Which ever method you chose, consider giving a gift that won’t need the traditional wrapping. Use ideas offered by the retailers, or try and come up with an alternative solution yourself.

Tip 2: Incorporate the Gift Itself

There’s a great way to use some alternative ideas for gift wrapping, such as the gift itself.

A while back, I gave my children a holiday experience on the beach. To reduce waste and to add a certain spin on the gift, I wrapped new sunglasses, the vouchers and some sunscreen up in a new beach towel. I saved on the gift wrapping, while using something they needed anyway.

Tip 3: Everything is Recycled

When you put your mind to it, you’d be surprised just how much is recyclable.

Paper and carboard is perfect for the recycling bin, as is plastic packaging.

Once gifts are unpacked, have separate bins available for people to drop their waste straight in, without having time to spread it around your home.

Tip 4: Cut Down on Waste with Experiences

Imagine all the waste saved when purchasing experiences online. No driving to the shops and wasting fuel. No endless trains of wrapping paper. No hours wasted in long queues, battling crowds and fighting your way to finding that last item on special.

Experiences are a simple online experience, delivered instantly to your inbox, without the hassle.

Tip 5: Buy Local Produce

A ton of locally-produced foods are available all around you and buying it helps on so many levels.

Organic farmer picking fresh cucumbers from his hothouse garden

By buying your Christmas feast from local farmers and businesses, you cut down on transportation costs, packaging costs and keep your money in the local community. It’s a great way to save yourself a lot of time, plus helps the very people you live with.

Tip 6: The Power of the LED

A great way to save money is to switch your Christmas light globes to new and efficient LED’s.

Not only do they cost considerably less to operate, but they also produce brighter lights for far less power consumption. So, regardless of how long the celebrations continue, the lights won’t matter.

Tip 7: Plant Your own Christmas Veggies

Instead of heading to the large supermarket chains for your entire Christmas feast, why not plant your own vegetable garden ahead of time and serve them up to your family?

Young female working in her garden with her daughter sitting by.

What a wonderful conversation piece at the table and imagine the surprise from your family?

Final Thoughts

Whenever I think of waste, I hear the dollars falling through my fingers, money that is simply thrown away for no reason.

While some of these ideas are fantastically easy to incorporate, many more exist that haven’t been mentioned.

Do you have any great ways to reduce Christmas waste?