Christmas is, without a doubt, one of the best times of the year.

From the excitement of catching up with family and friends to the endless smorgasbord of delicious food and treats, it’s an infinite procession of wonderful family time.

With a country as diverse as Australia, here is the perfect way to extend that Christmas cheer and excitement with 5 of the most family-friendly activities around.

With this selection to choose from, imagine how thrilled your family will be when they find out what you’ve planned for them.

A Family Cruise with a Difference

Spending a day on the water is always a fun idea, but with this unique twist thrown in, get ready for some family-friendly adventure that’s guaranteed to bring the smiles. A Tall Ship Pirate Cruise on Sydney Harbour is one of the most enthralling ways to explore the most beautiful harbour in the world.

There’s so much to see and do on this incredible ride, including hoisting the sails, climbing the masts and even steering the ship itself. Dress up as a pirate for the day and be absorbed in a high-seas swashbuckling adventure that’s perfect for your entire family.

Add Speed to the Boat

If your sense of adventure lies on the water, but a cruise is a little too slow for your liking, then why not ramp things up with a genuine speed thrill right in the heart of Surfer’s Paradise? 

A Jet Boat Adventure is the perfect way to bring your family to the brink of sheer exhilaration. With the rush of speed, the adrenalin-fuelled twists and turns, this is the perfect way to experience the waters of paradise.

Skydiving Without the Plane

If thrills and excitement are on the agenda, then here’s the perfect family activity for you, with indoor skydiving one of the most popular activities around. The iFly Family and Friends Skydiving Package is the best way to experience all the thrills of skydiving, without ever leaving the ground.

With all the instructions, safety gear and equipment included, prepare to take your family into one of the most fun activities, guaranteed to be a winner with everybody. With a near-perfect free-falling simulation to take your breath away, get set to fly in pure exhilaration.

Two Wheels with a Difference

Perhaps the thought of keeping your feet planted on the ground is more your preference. How about two wheels as an alternative?

With a Family Segway Adventure Ride, the laughs and excitement are guaranteed to be in abundance, as you take to the course onboard these vehicles of pleasure.

The all-terrain Segway provides such a unique experience; one of your family is going to love. Never before has there been an adventure on two wheels like this, and with each family member on their vehicle, the 4km of parkland and tracks are the perfect location for this ride.

Zipline the Otways

If you genuinely want to leave the ground but are keen to include the beautiful serenity of the Otway Ranges, then here’s the perfect option for you. An Otway Zipline Adventure Tour is the best way to see this national park, located on one of the most famous roads in the world.

The coach tour along the Great Ocean Road is just the start of an adventure that sees you swing through the treetops of one of the most beautiful and stunning forests around. With 8 cloud stations and 2 suspension bridges, it’s an adventure guaranteed to win hearts.

Are You Ready?

Here is just a small sample of some of the many exciting adventure awaiting you and your family. There’s something for everyone and with thousands of options, there’s one guaranteed perfect for you.