Autumn Experiences

Who says that when summer winds down that you also have to? With the coming of Autumn, there is still much warm-weather, exciting fun to be had!  Whether you crave the promise of a thrilling activity, or you want to give a gift to the adventurous man in your life, these incredible adrenaline-pumping experiences will leave you both breathless!

A country such as Australia, with its diverse natural beauty, has a wide array of experiences to tempt your undying spirit for the new and exciting. There are more than just a few spots that satisfy even the most daring of souls.

Ready for that new adrenaline rush? Hold on, here we go…

Sky Diving Over Wine Country

Remember that awesome Tom Petty song, ‘Free Fallin’? Step out of your comfort zone and find a new bliss with an exhilarating free fall over the serenity of Yarra Valley wine country. A tandem sky diving adventure such as this allows your expert instructor to exercise the utmost safety, allowing YOU to just live in the moment.

From 15,000 feet, free fall at top speeds for about 60 seconds before parachuting and gently floating over spectacular vineyards far below. Check out our Sky Diving packages.

Swim with the Sharks

Yes, you can! Imagine the scene, you are submerged in azure waters, tucked nicely in your scuba gear, when suddenly! A huge shark appears – you cannot believe the size of him! Well, some of them are small enough to be almost cute, but still… Swimming among these glorious beasts is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get in touch with your true adventurous nature. But mingling with sharks is not all, if this is your first foray into scuba diving, you will also receive expert instruction and even learn to breathe underwater! Yep, just as our friends the sharks do.

Check out our Shark Dives.

Whitewater Rafting

Take rafting to an entirely new level in grade 1 and 2 rapids. You bask in the nature and incredible scenery as it floats by you. But look alive! Here comes yet another rapid!

Experience intense surges as you navigate the waters with your expert guide.

The river is a beast to be conquered, and you can be rewarded with a delicious meal as you gather with your adrenaline-junkie cohorts to relive the most exciting moments. Check out our Rafting adventures.

V8 Race Car Driving

There’s just that special something about a high-speed car whizzing expertly around tight corners that makes the heart go pitter-patter. Tackle this true adventure activity with a personal in-car coach that will give you a lesson in handling speeds up to 200km/h with ease.

Learn how to navigate the circuit by doing several laps with other hot rods on the track. Who knows? You may even overtake one or two! It is adrenaline-junkie heaven.

Check out our V8 Drive Experiences.

Wherever your desire for adventure takes you, March is a time to keep the dream alive and challenge yourself for that next fantastic experience!