Adventure tourism is fast gaining traction – and with good reason. As adventure seekers, we are no longer satisfied with just travelling to a new place – we want to be WOWED. We want to feel alive with new experiences. And do it in a way that says, “I am no longer afraid.”

A new decade is upon us and with it a new dedication to seek out the best of what Australia has to offer. Thes`e experiences will open your eyes in ways that simple destinations never will. Dare to explore…

Adventure Travel

Every true adventure involves some risk, requires a special skill or involves some extreme sport. This is the definition of adventure travel and is increasing in popularity among adventure seekers who look to those new experiences in exotic or remote locations the world over. These adventures enable travellers to push the envelope of their limits and get way outside their comfort zone.

According to Skyscanner, 16% of Australian travellers will take adventure-based trips in 2020.

Be an Acrobat in the Air

Air adventurers rejoice! Strap yourselves in for a wild ride in a tiger moth, a biplane or a single wing aircraft and take to the skies for an aerobatic adventure. After a full briefing, expert pilots will enthral every one of your five senses (and then some) by performing stall turns, rolls, loops, barrel rolls and wingovers, to name a few.  Here are our offers.

Segway Experiences

Years ago, when you first saw these funny contraptions run by people with curious headgear, you had to laugh. But laugh no more. Because Segway tours are only becoming the norm among the more toned-down adventure travellers. A Segway tour along the Sunshine Coast offers gorgeous exploration and wildlife viewing. Check them out here.

Music and Studio Experiences

Riding on the wave of American Idol and Tik Tok, more people are hitting the recording studio on their own, with dreams of stardom (whether real or imagined). Hey, who are we to argue? Maybe you want a nice introduction to how hit music is made? From set-up to post-production, experience seekers get a behind-the-scenes look at how our music idols shoot to stardom. Or take the mic and work with real session musicians to bang out your very own musical creation to take home with you! Who knows, you too could shop your demo around and be the next Kylie Minogue or Stella Donnelly.


Ever dream of being Iron Man? Then get on the flyboarding wagon, because the future is now! Flyboarding is an exciting experience that is gaining in popularity. It checks so many boxes – you can swim through water AND surf in the air – all using the power of water jets. With professional instruction, it is a unique experience that may very well be mainstream just 20 years from now (is this how we’ll commute in the future?) Walk on water, fly through the air – congrats! You are now a superhero.