Christmas is a time to take a break from things. It is a time to sit back, relax and enjoy life. A time to unwind and loosen up. Gather around with friends and family.  Eat, drink, play and party.

Christmas is a time to do your own thing.  

You’ve worked hard the whole year.  You’ve worked your fingers to the bone.

Now you deserve a little reward.

And what better time to pamper yourself than Christmas?

So go ahead. Indulge yourself. Give yourself that makeover you’ve always wanted. Join the yoga class you’ve been planning to for months. Check into that hot new spa in town everybody’s been talking about. Take your kids on a fun road trip. Plan a private river cruise for your extended family.

Christmas is all about being happy. So reach out and grab your slice of happiness.

Treat yourself, and your loved ones, and really take the time to savour life.


This Christmas Celebrate the Good Things in Life


This festive season, say ‘Yes’ to all the things you have put on hold for one reason or the other.

Wait no more. Procrastinate no more.

Christmas is a time to celebrate all the good things in life. So do not shy away. Do not hesitate. Make a plan – get things rolling.

Reward yourself for the year gone by.  For the work well done. For goals accomplished. For partnerships formed.  For compassion shown and received.

For times well spent. For loves given and had. For the struggle it took to get here. For this day, this moment. Reward yourself. Be good to yourself. Take the time to relax.

Detox. Unplug. Reboot. Because remember, next year, it will be same old gig, the same old drill.  So enjoy this moment while it lasts. You’ve given your best. It’s been an incredible year. And now it’s time for some fun.


Spoil Yourself and Your Loved Ones


Get yourself an awesome manicure.  Get a pair of sneakers.  Get your hair done. Get a tattoo. Get out on a boat and go fishing with your friends. Bring out those hiking shoes and go trekking in the hills. Or just stay in, if that’s your thing.

There are plenty of things you can do at home too. Like booking a professional masseuse and enjoying a relaxing aromatherapy massage at home. Or getting a reiki expert to give you a reiki therapy at home.

If you have kids, how about you plan a trek, a day out in the wilderness, a picnic in the woods.

Not all holidays have to be about video games and dinners and movies. You could do something different this year. Maybe a visit to the planetarium. Or a ride in a hot air balloon. Surprise your kids. Go all out. Take them on a cruise to Penguin Island. Go scuba diving.

If you have a partner, treat them to a romantic dinner on a boat. Or fly them out in a seaplane to see the Great Barrier Reef. And top it off with a gourmet lunch in a restaurant by the sea.

You could do all kinds of things. All you need is a plan.


Plan for Fun


Booking an experience is very easy.  Visit the Thrill Experiences website, pick what you like and pay online.

The experience voucher value remains valid for 5 years and you can redeem it any time you want during that time.

You can also swap experiences of the same value free of charge or simply pay the difference to upgrade. And if you change your mind and wish to cancel an order, you can get a refund if you do it within 28 days of placing the order.

So what’s there to think about?

You won’t get a better deal than this. It’s an opportunity like no other. So seize it, and make this holiday a holiday to remember.

Give yourself the treat you deserve. Give your family the love they deserve. Christmas is a time to rejoice and relax.