Of course we love them, but we also love that feeling of relief when the kids are officially back in school.

Take advantage of the warm weather and summer sun before they’re gone and get outside and try one of these absolutely thrilling adventures.  Don’t worry, we won’t tell the kids what you’re up to.

V8 Race Car Driving

Take on four laps at Sandown in your choice of Holden Commodore or Ford Falcon. Reach up to 200 km/h and understand what it feels like to be Brabham or Bowe.

If you’re nowhere near Sandown, fear not.  There are V8 experiences in every Australian State just waiting for you to try.


Showboat Champagne and Seafood Brunch

Pop some bubbly during recess on board the Showboat Cruise, a former Sydney ferry from 1968.  Two and half hours of live music and booze is just what the doctor ordered.


Balloon Flight

Enjoy weekday prices on a Hot air balloon experience.  Take in the sights at 3,000 feet without worrying about the kids jumping out!


Bi Plane Adventure Flight

Fulfill your childhood fantasy of riding in a 1930s or 1940s biplane with an adventure flight complete with goggles and flight jacket.

Or take to the skies with a friend in one of the few open cockpit biplanes, the Waco, that takes two passengers.  Oh the fun and the romance.


Wine and Oyster Kayak Tour

North of Sydney at Peats Ridge, you can take in the gorgeous Woy Woy Bay on a 10km Guided kayak tours.

Once you’ve made it to shore, enjoy a gourmet lunch complete with oysters and wine. It’s a perfect day. Share in the beautiful scenery and indulge in good food.

Think of it as your chance to enjoy tranquility and all of the food you know your kids would hate.


America’s Cup Match Sailing

Love competition?

Go head to head in a real America’s Cup yacht race while learning real skills like taking the helm, trimming the sails and working the grinders.

Sailing in New South Waleshas never been so much fun.


Rap Jumping

Want a thrill? Scale down the sides of buildings using SAS Rap jumping with the help of qualified instructors (who also have a 100% safety record).

Get incredible videos to share with your jaw-dropped kids at family dinner.


Tandem Skydive

Check Skydiving 15000ftoff your bucket list with a 15,000-foot jump complete with one minute of free fall.



Be the coolest parents in town and book your weekday adventure today!