Ever felt that tingling feeling down the spine? The cool air and the slightest suggestion of a ghoul in the room.

It’s enough to send most people packing.

But there are those of us that thrive on the search for ghosts and the excitement it creates.

In the spookiest places of Melbourne and Victoria, you can join this select club of ghost hunters.

From Pentridge Prison, Aradale Asylum to Geelong Gaol and the Princess Theatre there are ghouls abound.

Do People Really Believe in Ghosts?

If you are struggling with the idea of ghosts haunting the corridors, then you may be quietly surprised by the number that do believe in ghosts.

According to a survey conducted by the Gallup News Service in 2001 and 2005, about 3 in 4 people do believe in at least one paranormal belief and 37% in ghosts.

There’s a lot to be said about ghosts.  And witches.  And ESP.

Even if you are a non-believer, a visit to a prison, a graveyard or an asylum at night may just change your mind.

But then as English author, Susan Hill, so aptly put it.

“It would be difficult to write a convincing ghost story set on a sunny day in a big city.”

Featured below are some of the places around Melbourne and Victoria that can help you discover whether ghosts exist or not.


Pentridge Prison

Pentridge Prison, with its imposing bluestone walls and bleak concrete floors offers the perfect venue for a Ghost Tour.

Notorious Chopper Read stayed in its walls and Ned Kelly’s old bones are still there along with 44 other souls.


It’s even better at night. In the dark with the air feeling heavy and cool.

And especially with a knowledgeable guide to tell you the stories of what’s gone before.

The history of this place is fascinating but be warned, you can leave feeling affected by having just been there.

It’s a notorious place that serves up its fair share of despair and overwhelming hopelessness.

While there’s no guarantee of a ghostly encounter, enough people have had odd experiences at Pentridge.

Ararat Asylum Ghost Tour

Possibly the most haunted of all places in Victoria, the J Ward at Ararat’s old Lunatic Asylum pushes all the buttons.

Many people died at the asylum. Built in the 1860s, and home to over 2000 patients, Ararat Asylum serves up the best of environments.

Isolation cells, surgery, a spooky morgue, a chapel, infirmaries and cell blocks. It has it all.

You can even spend the night there with a ghost tour and ghost hunt to entertain.

The pizza is all included. Now that’s comforting.

Werribee Park Mansion

Whilst not the usual ghost tour, Werribee Mansion packs a real fright during the night.

In the early 1900s, Werribee Mansion was home to Andrew Chirnside. His wife Mary died as a result of a horrific accident.

The events leading up to and following the accident are played out within the grounds of Werribee Mansion.

Things move around, there are strange noises and ghostly figures.

It’s a mystery night performance with a gripping atmosphere that’s believable enough to create shudders down your spine.

Ballarat Cemetery Night Tour

A cemetery is super spooky at the best of times.

But when it’s one that’s been around for over 150 years, the chills go even deeper.

Ballarat is a famous 1837 gold rush town, just west of Melbourne.

It’s riddled with early Australian history, so it’s no surprise that it’s cemetery is said to be the most haunted of them all.

Visit there at night when the moon is bright and you might just quiver with fear.

All is revealed by a leading expert.

Relive stories of death and disease. Mass graves, stories of Eureka soldiers and disturbing outcomes.

It’s a magnificent experience. Chilling, yet insightful but will the ghosts that won’t lie let you back for dinner?

If you are thinking of a ghost tour for a friend, find out why experiences are better than things.

Do you believe in ghosts? Share your experience below.