Working out what to get Mum on Mother’s Day takes a ton of thinking. And it’s so easy with today’s lifestyle to leave the gift buying to the last minute.

There are a huge number of things that Mum could have but it’s never an easy undertaking.

And you’ll always be wondering, “Did I get it right?”

What we’ve put together here is a list of great gifts that you’ll want to know about, before you venture out to the shops.

They cover many of the best gifts that our customers come back for time and time again.

Relaxing, care free days

If there’s one thing we know that Mums do, it’s the chores around the home. The running the kids to school, making lunches, cleaning, getting the groceries and many, many more chores.

OK, so dads get more involved these days, but most mums still do the main part.

Basically, it’s time to give Mum a rest. Even if it’s just for the day.

When was the last time mum kicked back for the day?

Let mum kick back with a relaxing massage or a weekend away.

Treat her by doing the chores. Even giving a simple thank you – that can mean a lot.

Mum’s not to be taken for granted. Not ever. So let her know by doing your part.


Adventure with a Friend

The next area is arguably the complete opposite to a relaxing massage.

After all, having some strange person smooth your back and rub oil into it isn’t every mother’s dream day.

On the other hand, having someone frighten the life out of her helps put this experience in the top 5 last minute gifts for mum.

It’s the fear of the unknown. The chance to see a ghost or to feel the cool air cross the room.

It’s the chance to relish time with a friend. In a scary place. With few people around.

It’s an immersive experience and enough to drive the senses wild.

Ghost tours and tours of old dwellings that were once reserved for some of the most hardened criminals. Your mum just might like this one.


The Chance to Learn Something New

At some point, the thirst to learn something new hits us all. We never stop learning. And Mums are no different.

Whether its aspiring to become a performer or songwriter.

Whether its relishing the thought of joining the circus, performing flying trapeze. Or simply learning all about chocolates.

There’s an experience that’s just right for mum.


Up, Up and Away

Picture mum floating serenely over stunning countryside with nothing but the occasional blast of the burners to disturb the peace.

Ballooning is an intoxicating experience, and an absolute must for the high flying Mum.

It’s exceptionally quiet and still when in flight. Among the birds, you fly with the wind.

Above the trees, moving gently, there are spectacular views to take in.

Ballooning is often taken followed by a scrumptious breakfast at a local winery. It’s a great opportunity to spend time together and to share the moment.

You have a difficult road in front of you.

But when you think about what mum does, these 4 last minute gift ideas will no doubt make her feel very special.

Please share any of your favourite gifts for mum in a comment below.