The holidays came and went so quick but hey, there’s work to do.

You may have lived in excess for a while and now it’s come back to bite you. We know the feeling. Exhausted, a belly that’s rounder, a larger credit card bill lingering.

Now it’s all settled down, gym memberships will be burgeoning and have you noticed? There’s lots of people out running and walking. Well at least for a while. It happens every year. Same old, same old.

Perhaps you are a bit different? Maybe you’ve tried all those things before. Perhaps you have a desire to get up and change things this New Year.

Gifts That Thrill may have helped you with an amazing experience gift but it can also be the perfect opportunity to help you accomplish your New Year’s resolutions. And because it’s about experiencing, you can have lots of fun along the way.

Get Fit. Get Healthier.

Experiences are all about fun, thrills and living life to the full. If you’re out there in the great outdoors, moving around or learning to dance better with a friend, you’re getting fit and healthier too.

It’s not the main focus, which is why you’re not likely to drop it any time soon.

Unlike the gym, experiences don’t feel like an extension of work. You’re experiencing, socialising, moving around and having fun.

Check out the following experiences and make your fitness goals achievable in the long term. Your body will love you for it:

Learn to Dance – Dance Pass

Pole Fitness

Sydney Highlights Bike Tour

Golf for Beginners [ just don’t eat too much afterwards!]

Rock Climbing and Abseiling Day


Try Something New.

As we get older the days feel like they have gone by faster. Life in general can appear to go faster. By mid-2016, you’ll be astonished to discover it’s already half way through the year. Had that feeling?

It felt so different when I was a child. The summer school holidays used to stretch forever. Now it just flies past.

I know that many people feel the same way. I’m not alone.

If you ask a 60-year-old and a 20-year-old person to guess when a minute has passed without counting, nearly always the younger person will do it more accurately. The older person tends to shout out before the minute has passed.

Apparently it’s because you have experienced a lot of what life has to offer. Your mind isn’t as focused in the ‘now’ and inevitably you are experiencing fewer fresh experiences. Your mind isn’t as stimulated as it once was.

There is a cure to all this.  Sensational I hear!

If you want time to go more slowly then you need to create milestones your brain can tag.

Forget the TV and resting up, instead fill it with new experiences.

A child truly experiences (often for the first time) what older people consider routine things, so you need to create new experiences right now and get out of the routine.

Here are a few ideas to help.  Now go do and feel time passing slowly…

Go Flyboarding

Swim with Sharks [bet you haven’t tried that one!]

Become a Formula Ford racer

Experience an Opera

Get up Early and go Hot Air Ballooning

Learn to DE stress

Today’s society makes it hard to relax. We always seem to be on the go and often find it difficult to slow down.

There are many reasons and chief among them – the endless interruptions that result from having a mobile device. Whether it’s a phone, laptop or an iPad – they are always demanding attention.  NOW!

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SMS, email, you name it. Some experts argue, we feel the need to be so wired into the net for fear of missing out. We have become an extension of the net itself.

Yet we’re not wired to cope with it. And I don’t mean an RJ45 or thunderbolt ‘wired’.

Our brains are great at coping but after a while, we need to switch off to remain sain and get things into perspective.  Stop and smell the roses!

In today’s time squeezed world, having a personal strategy is very important.

We’ve brought together a range of experiences that promote a healthy life balance. These can help you relax, enjoy and harmonise your life in 2016.

One Hour Massage at Home

Yoga 5 Pass Class

Ultimate Health and Rejuvenation

Learn How to Meditate for 5

Romantic Weekend for Couples

Feel Inspired

Inspiration is all around us. We find it from the people we meet, the stories they tell but most of all from the things they do.

Forget the work based mission impossible statements (MISS), they are almost always dull and meaningless and let’s face it, inspiration has an expiration date yet those things can linger for years.

Just like fresh fruit, true inspiration has got to be used quickly before it goes off.

If you’re feeling inspired, you cannot afford to put it away for another day. You can’t say you’ll do it another time. Later you won’t find the same inspiration. You won’t be as pumped as before.

So if you’re inspired, just do it. It won’t wait for you.

Laugh Harder

A great big chuckle is good for the soul. Laugh at yourself more, have fun but laugh, laugh, laugh. Let me hear those snorts and snickers.

There’s endless fun to be had. You can have it whilst learning something new or you can observe someone else creating a laugh.

For 2016, here’s some thought starters to help make you a laughaholic:

Become and Overnight Comedian

Burlesque Showboat Cruise

Night Theatre at Werribee Park Mansion for 2

Pet Photography Shoot

Singing for the Terrified

Get Smarter

Momentum fuels motivation. It drives you and keeps you going. If you aren’t motivated by what you’re doing, what you do won’t be very good.

Nobody likes to stick to something with no end in sight.

Eventually it just burns you out.

Time to learn and get something done in 2016? Try these ideas and get yourself a small victory. Then decide if doing something new is your tonic for 2016.

Beginner Web Design and Development

Barista Basics Coffee Class

Chocolate Making Class

Introduction to SLR Photography

PCs for Beginners

DJ For A Day

Intermediate Sailing Course