Not everyone wants socks or pyjamas or the latest big gadget for Christmas. Sometimes a little thrill power is called for, but the question is, why?

Things and more things.

Each year around Christmas, shoppers all around Australia go through an almost tribe-like process of walking the shopping malls.

Each year they feel the stress of the usual hustle and bustle created by the countless thousands and thousands that do just the same. It’s consumerism at play. And to some, the process is far from enjoyable – at times it can feel like an extension of work.

You can stay away from the shops this December.

Forget about wasting valuable time wandering around, spending hard-earned money on over-priced Christmas presents destined to gather dust or be exchanged on Boxing Day.

Instead, consider your time as a precious resource.

Your money as something that can help create meaning.

And the person you want to gift, as someone that’s worthy of something they can’t simply go out and buy anytime.

Make Your Gift Count in Their Lives

Make your gift a life experience, something memorable and special that suits the recipient.

It could be something they would never otherwise get around to doing or something they have done in the past that really made their day.

For the altruistic, you can make a friend feel good simply by giving, on their behalf, the few dollars to enable Oxfam to set up someone in the developing world with a goat, seed to plant and a few hens.

Or you can pay for them to have some great fun with loved ones.

The gift can be anything from rolling down a hill inside a giant zorbing ball, to flying in an aerobatics plane doing loop the loops or being taught by an expert on how to prepare and make traditional Italian meals.

Today, each new experience in our lives offers the opportunity for socialising, growth and development. And it’s these experiences that people naturally seek out.

Whilst every one of us is different, there are themes that apply across generations.

The most popular gifts for Generation Y, according to trend commentator Bernard Salt, were the ones that screamed adventure.

A tandem skydive, white water rafting, swimming with sharks, a recording studio experience with friends, aerobatics or a V8 race experience.

“These have all been signed out as the ideal gift ideas for 18 to 30 year olds”, Salt said.

“Gen Y use experiences as tribal currency. They want experiences that enable them to bond with friends plus show them how adventurous they are”.

Gen Xers are a little different, a little more mixed (up?).

Some like to wear the badge of brand, others wanting to live out their teenage year dreams and others raising family and now wanting to indulge themselves for all their hard work.

A ride in a V8 race car, a wardrobe bliss experience, a formula ford racing experience and body massage experiences all can work for Gen Xers.