With the weather warming up, you can save on outdoor fun with a whole host of adventures from Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula to Far North Queensland and Western Australia.

Drive a Formula Ford Racing Car

It’s perhaps the closest you can get to driving a Formula 1 racing car at the Grand Prix.

Formula Ford is where all the leading drivers begin their racing careers from Brazil’s Ayrton Senna to Britain’s Lewis Hamilton. They all had to prove themselves somewhere and Formula Ford is usually where it all begins.

We could also include karts in the line-up. And karts aren’t to be underestimated because at competition level they can travel at a very fast pace. Some super karts can reach blistering speeds of 260 km/h.

For Formula Ford though, it’s the combination of a powerful Zetec engine and handling that offers the closest feeling you can get to a Formula racing car.

With these cars, to learn the ropes there’s no better way than sitting in the Formula Ford and following a road car around a racing circuit. Instruction is given through an intercom fitted inside the helmet.

Once you have grasped what it takes, enjoy practicing with lots of lengthy laps. Relish the feeling and focus on cornering and accelerating at the right points. With each lap, see if you can beat your best lap time.

You’ll find the mix of a light chassis, powerful Zetec engine and the close proximity to the ground delivers all the sensations a Formula 1 driver experiences.

Want to know the best part?

The low centre of gravity means you can take the corners and bends at break-neck speed. It’s without doubt not something you can experience in a standard road car. It’s definitely not for the feint hearted as the G-force that’s created through the corners can place a fair amount of strain on the neck. But it’s worth it – it’s addictive and great fun!

Flyboarding and Hover Boarding Over Water

There was a time when jet skis were simply a way to move on the water (albeit to have fun to!). Well think again. Some French guy, Frank Zapata, came up with a great idea. Why not combine the water propulsion from a jet ski with a set of boots that you wear?


Well you might think that but then so is jumping out of an aircraft or rolling down a hill in a giant ball (aka zorbing).

Flyboarding and the similar experience of hover boarding, requires a bolt on device that is attached to a jet ski. At the other end of a long hose, the pilot is secured in with bindings similar to a wakeboard. Switch on the jet ski and the pilot can control the throttle using a hand held accessory. Alternatively, the jet ski rider or instructor can take the controls.

The more the throttle is opened up, the higher the hover board goes.

Up to 10 metres in fact.

It’s a great way to feel you have new superhuman powers.

You can fly over water, complete donut turns, walk and run on water and even dive underwater using the gear.

It’s an Aqua Man meets Iron Man blast you’ll never forget.

Abseil, Rock Climbing and Canyoning Adventures

Ah, the great outdoors. A statement that’s quintessentially Australian and let’s admit it, the envy of people the world over.

Australians are the lucky people.

We can enjoy the outdoors with our brilliant weather and stunning scenery more so than many other people around the world. There’s just something about being amongst Mother Nature.

The Blue Mountains, Boya, Roleystone, Wollemi, Little River and Katoomba are a few places offering beautiful scenery and the opportunity for adventure.

So whether abseiling, rock climbing, or canyoning is your thing – it’s all there just waiting to be enjoyed.

All these activities offer different degrees of difficulty. You can be a first timer or a professional rock climber. There is an adventure that’s perfect for your ability no matter your age, size or fitness level.

Safety is the number one priority and having the proper gear and professional guides ensures your next adventure doesn’t land you in hospital. The guides help explain the finer techniques whilst ensuring you have fun. And fun you will have!

European Supercar Driving Adventure

If you can’t buy one (who can?) then there’s still a way to drive one of these European beauties.

Enjoy the power of the beast, the Lamborghini Gallardo or take to the road in a beautiful, high performance Ferrari F430. You can even try both. Will it be beauty or beast?

Whatever your preference, these cars represent the ultimate boy and girl’s driving dream.

What plans for adventure do you have for this summer?  Comment below, we’d love to hear your thoughts.