With the school holidays, it’s always a time of excitement, a time for family but also the usual ear aching phrases.

‘Are we there yet?’ and ‘I’m bored, bored, bored’.

With some forward planning, you can prepare for the holidays and ensure that there’s no ‘bored, bored, bored’ but more ‘yay, yay, yay’.

After all it should be a great opportunity to travel around, explore and experience. Use the time to gain knowledge, new skills and explore adventures together.

Anything goes. You can go where you want, and do what you want while you’re at it. However, so much choice can be very daunting, so we thought we’d help you with some school holiday ideas to satisfy their wanderlust.

Jump on a Jet Boat

With the majority of Australians living near to the water, it’s no wonder that time on the big blue is easy for most of us.

So whether you are in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth or Brisbane, a jet boat ride is well within reach and gets everyone out exploring the great outdoors. And while you are there, take time to enjoy the beach, just make sure to slip, slap, slop.

Go Swim with the Sharks

While the thought might not be everybody’s idea of fun, diving with sharks is not what you may think.

Mad? Maybe.

Scared? Perhaps.

Fun? Definitely.

Really there is nothing to worry about. The sharks are all fed up and don’t have any need to look to you as its next meal. In fact, the sharks you swim with aren’t the huge, white man-eating sharks we hear about on the news or at the movies.

Forget Jaws, these are the nurse sharks, the gill sharks, gummy and Port Jackson sharks.

All the same, it’s the thought that counts. Who’s going in first?

Visit the Park

There are lots of big parks in Australia from the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne and Sydney, to Adelaide’s Botanic Garden and Kings Park in Perth.

Whilst mum and dad are captivated by the garden’s beauty, the kids are able to enjoy being surrounded with lots of things to discover and do.

The open spaces offer great opportunity to play ball games and enjoy a picnic together. Rolling hills are great for… well, rolling down and large lakes are perfect for boating.

Learn Something New

There are lots of possibilities when you put your head to thinking beyond the iPad and TV.

From the educational art workshops to a Chocolate making class, juggling and theatrical night tours, there are so many things to do beyond the usual day trips and they need not cost the earth.

So oust the electronic devices to the cupboard and get them out socialising, having fun and learning.

Kids can become a DJ for a day, learn how to be a barista, or to take awe inspiring photographs.

How do you plan to get the children away from the TV and iPads these school holidays?  Start a conversation with your comments below.