Spring is upon us which means there will be lots of children looking for ideas to do over the school holidays.

Sometimes 2 weeks can feel like an eternity yet these holidays are just prepping us for the longer Christmas school holidays of 6 weeks.

Fret no more, there are things you can do to entertain them over the holidays.

Have a Picnic

Kick back, soak up the sun and enjoy some fun time with the kids out on the lawn or under a tree.

It’s an economical way of spending time together and experiencing the outdoors.

Grab a ball, a cricket bat, get a blanket and pick the perfect spot. Just remember to take some sunscreen and a hat as even at this time of year, the sun can still burn.

Take a Bike Ride

During the holidays, the sun is likely to be shining and the kids have lots of energy to burn, so taking them for a scenic bike ride is the perfect way to spend time together.

Find a suitable bike track wherever you are.

Plan your journey by selecting a suitable track for your children. Cycling maps are a good starting point and BigYak offers maps of trails right across Australia.

Run from Zombies

It may not be everyone’s idea of fun, but if it gets the children running themselves out over 7km, then the Zombie Aporcalypse may just be the thing. Just be careful if your children are frightened by this – it isn’t suitable for all ages.

Actors and players dress up as zombies in full zombie, stomach-curdling regalia. Add the skills of a makeup artist or two and the flesh-eating zombies are ready to terrify the unsuspected… your children.

The children have to navigate their way to the exit, up to 7km away, crossing over 60 obstacles and avoiding the zombies. Not bad for a day out?

Check out zombie aporcalypse sites on the web.

Spend a Day on the Water

Forever fun and popular with children and adults alike. Activities based on the water will get their hearts racing.

From sailing to jet boating and fun with dolphins, there’s lots to enjoy. Everyone is guaranteed a good time.

We hope this has inspired you with some ideas to make the most of the school holidays with the kids.

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