Father’s Day comes around once a year and the gifts that Dad keeps getting are, shall we say, uninspiring. It’s time to forget the socks and the jocks. Forget the usual hum drum mugs, shavers, ties and other things that he’s already had or never wanted. Dad has to be worth better but where to start?

No need to worry, we’ve put together gifts that inspire, that will make him feel special again on Father’s Day. We’ve spoken to dads to find out what it is father’s really want for Father’s Day. From gifts that cost a bit to gifts that cost lots, it’s all here.

Drive a Supercar

To drive a supercar is fulfilling a childhood dream or ticking an experience off the bucket list. The roar power, the looks, the status. Whether it’s a Lamborghini or a Ferrari, a V8 or Lotus, you can help dad fulfil that dream and it won’t cost you the million it would cost you to buy one of these babies. Dad can sample one of these cars for just $129.

Precision Grill – iDevice – a Unique Dad Gift

If dad, like most dads, enjoys the BBQ but likes to entertain his friends and still get the perfect steak, then there is an answer. First get him to learn how to cook up a storm and have fun doing it with a Blokes BBQ and Beer course. Then just to be sure, get him the iGrill2. It’s a device that works with Bluetooth so he can check on how his favourite cuts of meat are cooking. Want it medium rare? He’ll get it perfect every time and still be able to chat to his mates.

Steaming Box for Netflix and More

OK we hear you. The last thing you may want is more TV but this is the best thing since sliced bread if you’re dad. It’s a streaming device called the Roku 3 that plugs into your internet and the HDMI slot on your TV. It lets you choose from lots of apps from Pandora, Netflix, Hulu, Vudu and heaps more. It even comes with voice search, a small controller plus you can download an app and control it from your smart phone. Now that’s a gadget the man of the house would love.

Dad the Adventurer?

Father’s Day can be a tough one for the man that has everything. Sure you could pick up a tie or a World’s Best Dad tee. He probably wouldn’t’ mind. He knows you mean well. But why not get him something different that the whole family can experience. A gift that sets him racing in the sky doing aerobatic loops, spins and barrel roles. Whilst he’s up there enjoy himself, you can be down below safely on the ground, watching all the action and the big grin that will appear from the cockpit when he lands.

Aerobatic experiences are available right across Australia. There’s the slower, more sedate Tiger Moth aerobatic flight right up to the aerobatic planes that perform in the Red Bull Air Race.

A Taste of the Amber Nectar

If dad wanted a beer, he’s be straight off down to the store to pick it himself. Get him something that you can’t simply get at the store that he’d love to try. A craft boutique beer hamper features 16 bottles of premium overseas and Australian beer. From microbreweries, each beer is uniquely blended. Plus he gets beer glasses, a beer fact sheet and detailed tasting notes. It’s something he can share with friends or enjoy during quiet moments in the shed.