Giving gifts to your friends and loved ones is supposed to be a joyous act. But very often it can become a real chore. That’s mainly because before you can buy anything you have to choose something and that it the tricky part.


And even worse than that; finding anything in the first place.

It’s all about ideas. If you haven’t got any, then shopping for a great gift can take forever and leave you in a bit of a frustrating spin.

However, there is a new way when it comes to gift hunting, and it’s called ‘Gift Experiences.’ Well not so new. Gifts That Thrill have offered experiences for over 7 years!
These are great and tick all the boxes to provide a totally unique and rewarding gift-giving experience.

How does it work?

Suppose you have a friend who is crazy about Supercars and you just know they would die for the chance to experience V8 hot laps in a monster machine on one of the nation’s top tracks.

Well, thanks to online companies offering gift experiences, you can make such a dream come true for your car-crazy chum and they can really get to feel what it is like to be suited, booted and buckled into a genuine V8 Holden Commodore or Ford Falcon and then take it through its’ paces for some serious V8 hot laps.

Just imagine the look on your pal’s face as they race a V8 demon around Australia’s premier national race track Sandown Raceway or the world class circuit at Barbagallo Raceway with many of the sports leading pro drivers on hand to show them how it’s done.

It would be priceless.

But it’s not just about V8 Supercars there’s also white knuckle flights in a Tiger Moth performing loop the loops, a hot air balloon ride over wineries, two weeks in the Himalayas helping change lives, dinner cruises on Tall Ships in Sydney harbour as well as many hundreds of other activities for the whole family to enjoy.

You will find the best gift experience companies provide the most comprehensive selection of gift experience options with quality and first class customer service being central to everything they do.

After all these are no ordinary gifts.

These are inspirational, exciting, jaw dropping gifts that will make someone’s day, if not their life.

Taken a V8 Hot Lap? What was your experience?

By Phil Williams