gift voucher expiry date
Don’t let your gift voucher expire

We’ve all been there.  The gift voucher that someone has kindly gifted you has an expiry date and time has flown by so fast.  The voucher is about to expire and you’ve no way of using it.  Damn!

Here’s some thoughts that may help you extend the life of your voucher or ensure it gets used before its too late.

Jump on the phone

Call the merchant and ask them for more time to use the gift voucher.  You never know.  Most merchants would rather retain you as a customer.  They know that if you shop with them using your voucher, the chances are that you’ll spend more with them.

Check the T&Cs

Some merchants like Gifts That Thrill enable you to switch the voucher to credit and then use the credit to make another voucher purchase.  If you do this, just watch out for fees as some merchants will charge you for the privilege.

Donate your gift voucher

There are always charities, both local and national, that can use the voucher when you can’t.  The experience of giving is one of life’s good feel factors.  And if its not a charity, perhaps you can re-gift to a family friend or member.

Sell your voucher

Online auction sites like eBay and CardLimbo offer the opportunity for you to sell your voucher at a discount and get cash for it.  For buyers looking to save on their next big item, the idea of purchasing a voucher at a discount can be very enticing.  Imagine buying a thousand dollars worth of vouchers for five hundred and then going to a store that offers 20% off.  Wow… think of the savings.

Transfer the Voucher Value

If the merchant has a store card you can sign up to, then sometimes you can transfer your voucher value into it.  This is a great way of extending the life of your voucher and often you’ll get a promotional discount for signing up to the store card.  Just be careful how you use the store card.  You may want to freeze it in a block of ice so that its only used very occasionally.

What’s been your experience of vouchers? How would you like to see vouchers changed?

By Phil Williams