I have been a motorsport fan for as almost as long as I can remember. Like most things, I can trace it back to my old man’s enthusiasm for all things powerful and motorised, but it was actually my ma who was the bigger fan of motorsport and really got me hooked.

We both enjoy the F1 Grand Prix series of course, but our favourite by far is the Aussie Touring Cars championships. We just get so totally mesmerised by the whole event and watching those brilliant drivers and teams putting in all those V8 hot laps. It’s simply thrilling and great to watch.

Of course, like many motorsport fans I always dream about being at the wheel of a super fast mean machine zooming round Sandown like a bat out of hell (always winning the race naturally!)

Normally, dreams are just dreams, there never being any real chance to make them come true, especially when it comes to having a chance to drive a V8? It’s just not possible. Is it?

Well, actually, it is possible…especially if you happen to have been given a ‘gift experience’!

I’d heard of these vaguely, a company online offering people a new way of giving a gift at birthdays or Christmas or anniversaries, but didn’t know what the ‘experiences’ actually were.  Until last weekend when I received one for my 30th birthday!

And yes, you guessed it; it was the chance to burn up some serious hot laps in a V8 Holden or Ford.

All on my own.   I know; wow.

You can just imagine my surprise when I opened the parcel and discovered the gift pack inside. I just stared at it blinking stupidly, a dumb look of utter surprise on my face. My mum thought I’d gone into shock.

“Say something!” she screamed.

“10 laps in a V8 Commodore!” I screamed back joyously. “You’re kidding, right? Tell me you’re not kidding?”

Mum shook her head. She wasn’t kidding. This was for real.

I just couldn’t believe it. I didn’t know this could happen; that anyone can drive one, any ordinary Joe from the public. But it was true.

And you even get to meet and ride with some of the world famous pro drivers too. I had a co driver with me and he showed me how it was really done taking me for two laps round the Sandown Raceway.

It was pretty neat, I have to say.

There’s awesome, and then there’s truly outstandingly awesome, and this was definitely the latter.

The day began with a briefing conducted by experienced race drivers, who talked me through the various racing lines and track driving techniques. Then it was on with the driver’s suit and helmet. I went into the briefing room where I learnt about the track, the cornering, apexes and exiting, and then the best techniques for braking, acceleration, steering, gear changes and car control.

With a real working microphone in my helmet too, I felt just like a real racing pro!

Then it was on to the raceway for the first of the V8 hot laps in an all powerful Commodore. And boy was it amazing. In fact there are no words to describe how utterly fantastic it was as I reached speeds of up to 200kph. It was just soooo awesome!

And after the event, I received a certificate with photograph, autographed by teach as well as an instructional DVD and a cap.

My mum was so pleased I had such a great time.

And of course, I now have a real-life experience to re-live and dream about for the rest of my life.

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